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Jungle Salvation! See What Happened To Thief Caught Stealing In A Church

The rate at which people take laws into their hands these days is alarming. The other day, a soldier who went jugging in sportswear early in the morning was lynched by a mob just because the mob thought he was a thief. Remember #ALLU4 and many other “innocent criminals” that have been killed by raging mobs all in the name of jungle justice?
Well, this thief who thought the Lord’s house was the best place to steal from was not only lucky to not be lynched, he got blessed with salvation in the process.
The incident occurred at the Baptist Church in Warri, Delta state. The information provided by facebook user Innocent Tino, does not state if he was later handed over to the police but from what we see in the photo provided, the young man was prayed for and definitely told to “Go and Sin No More!”
Reminds me of the thief on the cross by the right hand of Jesus, even at the very last moments of his life, he gained the salvation of his soul.

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