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Kidnapped Winners’ Chapel Calabar Pastor released, Bishop Oyedepo Intervenes


The Winners’ Chapel Pastor, Seyi Adekunle, kidnapped about 8 days ago during prayers in church has been released. According to reports, the kidnappers got in touch with the church authorities and the Bishop asked to be put through to them on the phone. Thinking he wanted to negotiate a ransom, they responded to the Bishop who then confirmed if they knew who he was from the news. The kidnappers replied in the affirmative. Bishop Oyedepo then blasted on the phone “I curse you in the name of Jesus and anyone who pays ransom to you is cursed.”

Some hours later, the kidnappers released the pastor and fled during an attack carried out by the military and police with the use of helicopter and ground troops.

Speaking during the third service at Faith Tabernacle, Ota on Sunday morning, 21st June, Bishop Oyedepo blasted kidnappers saying “As long as I am here in Christ, your endeavours in this country are cursed”. He then added “For alI of you who continually bring sorrow to families, I curse you and your sponsors”.

Pastor Seyi Adekunle has since been united with his family and Bishop Oyedepo will be spending this evening at a thanksgiving service at Living Faith Church aka Winners’ Chapel, Calabar.

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