The Liberty FM




  1. Monday: 7:35am – 8:00am

Title: Drive Time Mondays

This program will focus mainly on people going back to work after the weekend; here lots of interesting topics will be discussed but most importantly, people will be encouraged and motivated as they delve into another week. There will also be short musical breaks.

  1. Tuesday: 8:00am – 9:00am

Title: Tuesdays Rock

In this segment, interesting and crucial lifestyle topics will be discussed, the anchor will create topics ahead of time, as this should encourage a lot of listeners to tune-in to the schedule ahead of time; Our listeners will also be able to contribute through social-media and phone lines.

  1. Wednesday: 12noon – 2:00pm

Title: Yolladies What’s Up

This program is solely dedicated to the ladies, interesting topics will be discussed the phone lines will also be open for contribution, and the social media platforms as well. There will be soft background music and musical breaks.

  1. Thursday: 10:00am – 11:00am

Title: Thrust into the Thursday

Every Thursday morning this program will educate people about various categories of life such as; health, finance, academics, relationships e.t.c. We will also intermittently feature professionals; to share useful tips. There will be soft background music and some musical breaks.

  1. Friday: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Title: Funtastic Fridays

Funtastic Fridays is a TGIF show at The Liberty FM … this program will feature lots of interesting topics, especially topics revolving around fun loving people; e.g. Can a Christian really have fun? What having fun is all about, how to have fun in the Christ like way. We will also feature rumours, fashion, business, relationships and cooking tips. There will be lots of musical breaks, Interviews and contribution from listeners.

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